May 25, 2011

Wisconsin's struggle continues: A big labor rally in Madison highlighted both continued activism and the debates about how to take the struggle forwar

From the Socialist Worker:

"Potentially, it means the revitalizing of the labor movement in a bottom up sort of way," Imbrogno said. "It could potentially throw out the old model of doing things, and create a new fighting labor movement. As activists in our local, our job is to raise questions about other models of organization."

Recently, many grassroots coalitions have formed in Wisconsin to combat the Walker budget. Some of these groups, like the new coalition Wisconsin Resists, have joined with U.S. Uncut, to plan local direct actions. These actions are usually attended by only a couple hundred activists, but tend to be much more radical and militant than the larger rallies.

Recent actions included "Tax the rich day," and "Reverse robin hood day," where activists marched on local banks, demanding fair taxation and shutting down banking business for up to an hour on certain occasions.

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