October 12, 2011


An Unfair Labor Practice has been filed by UFCW 555 which includes charges of "surveillance and intimidation through coercion" of Union supporters. Dan Clay, UFCW555 President issued a statement saying that they, "support the right of every worker to the freedom to organize".

The filing of a ULP is a process within Labor Law which really has no teeth and little penalty for the employer. What it does is makes a public statement about the employer and can be used to develop community support for a labor struggle.

This seems like a perfect place for Occupy Ashland to show its strength, reach out to these workers and make a statement about the employer. Putting together a mass picket line at the Co-op would be a great action. There are certain advantages that the Occupy movement can have in a small town. By mobilizing just 50 supporters to picket the Ashland Food Co-op they can have a big impact and show that the 99% will take action to support each other.

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