October 3, 2011

Occupy Salem!

From SalemFOR

Dear Beloved Friends and Family,

WE need YOU to join Occupy Salem Oregon!! We stand in Solidarity with Occupy Wall St., the more than 130 non violent peoples occupations and encampments around the country as well as over 40 cities worldwide. Come to our first General Assembly meeting at 6pm on Tuesday October 4th at the Pavilion at Riverfront Park and plug in to the myriad of opportunities to help us build the changes we'd like to see in our community and world ! We HAVE the human resources we need to create a model village that will serve as the hub for our occupation while helping to meet some of the most critical needs of members of our community. We envision an all volunteer support network including kitchen, legal aid, medical care and alternative healing opportunities, child care, guidance services including veterans support, bicycle exchange, and more as the love catches on....We also plan to lobby our state with specific and do able requests in response to the economic and social crisis we are encountering and plan to stay for the long haul while negotiations play out here, nation and world wide. We've seen time and time again that Salem has a heart... Come out and be a part of history in the making!

With Deep Regards,
Mark and Michele

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Ann Montague said...

The Facebook page says Willson Park on October 10th.
These people on this post are talking about lobbying..don't think they get it!!

rich daniels said...

I have to agree with Ann--this movement ain't about lobbying for "doable" stuff, and I'll not join with or support any effort that advertises itself that way.
By the way, are we having a third sunday meeting this month? I hope so, but it's not on the calendar. Rich