February 29, 2012


It doesn't really surprise me, but there are certainly a lot of members of the Democratic Party base who have fallen for Elizabeth's populism. As progressives fill her coffers because they hear her actually say corporate crooks should go to jail and says she believes there needs to be some regulation of Wall Street..and then the progressive pundits fall all over her and promote her candidacy. I realize her kind of talk from a Democrat is strange to hear. But I have asked what her position is on other important topics. But as she has decried the lobbyists for the financial industry it looks like the lobbyists from AIPAC have had a willing ear.

She has now put an "issues" section up on her official web site. "Israel" and "Iran" predominate. The line that caught my eye was "Iran must not have an escape hatch". This is in relation to the important role the U.S. has in getting other nations to to impose strict sanctions. It sounds like war to me. But decide for yourself.

Since its founding more than 60 years ago, Israel and the United States have been steadfast, trusted, and reliable allies. I unequivocally support the right of a Jewish, democratic state of Israel to exist, safe and secure. I believe that it is a moral imperative to support and defend its existence.

For generations, the United States and Israel have shared a commitment to a stable, secure, and peaceful Middle East. But our alliance runs far deeper: it is a natural partnership resting on our mutual commitment to democracy and freedom and on our shared values. Both our countries have been sustained by our commitment to liberty, pluralism, and the rule of law. These values transcend time, and they are the basis of our unbreakable bond.

As a United States Senator, I will work to ensure Israel’s security and success. I believe Israel must maintain a qualitative military edge and defensible borders. The United States must continue to ensure that Israel can defend itself from terrorist organizations and hostile states, including Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and others. I also believe firmly that a two-state solution is in the interest of Israel and the United States. Lasting peace, however, requires negotiations between the parties themselves, and although the United States can and should aid in this process, we cannot dictate the terms. Unilateral actions, such as the Palestinians’ membership efforts before the United Nations, are unhelpful, and I would support vetoing a membership application.

Iran is a significant threat to the United States and our allies. Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, it is an active state sponsor of terrorism, and its leaders have consistently challenged Israel’s right to exist. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is unacceptable because a nuclear Iran would be a threat to the United States, our allies, the region, and the world. The United States must take the necessary steps to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. I support strong sanctions against Iran and believe that the United States must also continue to take a leadership role in pushing other countries to implement strong sanctions as well. Iran must not have an escape hatch.

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