March 12, 2012

Protest Gaza Killings In Portland

An Americand United for Palestinian Human Rights (AUPHR) member is organizing a protest for Wednesday, March 14th for Noon at Pioneer Courthouse Square to protest Israel's current multi-day bombing of Gaza. Please consider joining us on your lunch hour. We'll bring some sings or make your own!
Peter Miller

Following is a PDX JVP press release related to the crisis:

For immediate release.
Monday, March 12, 2012

William Seaman - (503) 888-7455
Ned Rosch - (503) 381-7011
Jewish Voice for Peace - Portland, Oregon

Portland's Jewish Voice for Peace condemns latest Israeli aggression against Gaza's population.

(Portland, Oregon) -- The local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace has called for an immediate end to Israeli attacks on Gaza, and for the US governmentto end its support for the operations which have killed at least eighteen Palestinians in the last week. "We are heartsick and outraged at this latest rampage by the Israeli military, raining down terror upon an already traumatized and suffering people," said William Seaman, a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace Portland chapter. "It is especially frightening because the entirely predictable response to this latest Israeli aggression, the firing of rockets by Gazan militants into civilian regions of Israel, has clearly put Israeli civilians at risk, giving the lie to the Israeli government's justifications for their attacks." The Israeli government has stated that its attacks on Gaza targeted militants who, they allege, were planning an attack inside Israel.

"Instead of ending the inhumane and brutal siege on Gaza that is directly causing needless suffering among many innocent Palestinians, current Israeli use of crushing violence against Palestinians in Gaza further escalates a lethal situation," explained Ned Rosch, another member of the Portland JVP chapter.

"The only language the Netanyahu government understands is that of violence and terror; these latest actions further demonstrate his complete contempt for the Obama Administration," said Seaman. "As US citizens who bankroll the Israeli aggression, we have the moral obligation to cut off the pipeline of US weapons and diplomatic cover that allow this aggression to continue."

Along with Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, Jewish Voice for Peace supports a suspension of arms sales and any weapons transfers to Israel based on the illegal use of those arms against neighboring countries and within the Palestinian occupied territories.

"We are asking our fellow Oregonians to call their representatives in Washington, DC, to express their strong condemnation of this latest aggression by the state of Israel, and to demand an immediate cut-off of US support," said Seaman. "The path to peace and security for Palestinians and Israelis alike is through a just resolution to this conflict, and that means an end to the Israeli occupation and its illegal blockade of Gaza."

To contact the local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, please call
503-888-7455 or (503) 381-7011.

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