November 20, 2012

Colombia Solidarity: GM Worker to Resew Lips

Jorge Parra of ASOTRECOL To Restart Hunger Strike

Jorge Parra, president of the association of injured workers and former workers from the General Motors assembly plant in Colombia, is expected to sew his lips shut in a hunger strike beginning on Tuesday, November 20th in front of GM headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

Parra will take this action to pressure General Motors to resolve the situation that he and his fellow injured workers have been left in. This week workers from GM plants around the world are meeting in Brazil to discuss GM's attack on workers' rights in each of their countries. A significant percentage of GM's shares are owned by the U.S. government.

Make a donation to help sustain the workers and their families in Colombia, you can send a check to "Wellspring UCC" with "Colombia relief" on the memo line. Their mailing address is: Wellspring UCC, Box 508, Centreville, VA 20122

For online donations, visit their web site. (Be sure to write "Colombia relief" on the message subject line.) A fee (less than 3%) is taken out of online donations from a bank card, with a fee closer to 6% for credit cards.

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