November 24, 2012

Cory Booker: The Second Coming Of Obama

Glen Ford in his weekly radio broadcast in New York for the Black Agenda Report (BAR) talked about Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark.  The way he sees it is:  Cory Booker:  The Second Coming Of Obama - Only Worse.  He states that Booker is fiercely loyal to his friends in the ruling class.  "One thing Cory Booker cannot abide is anyone bad-mouthing his rich people".  It appears that he was actually Wall Street's first choice to be the First Black President.  A New York Hedge Fund Partner recently said so in a Bloomberg News Article (10/2/12), but conceded, "He'll be our second".

Booker raised $7 million from Wall Street for his Mayoral race because they knew he is ideologically committed to privatizing public education and privatizing government.

He launched his career in 2000 as keynote speaker at the Manhattan Institute, a launching pad for new stars on the right.  He had already been endorsed by the far right Bradley Foundation for his work for vouchers for private schools.  He won the hearts of the rich when he ran for Mayor in 2002.  He lost a very close race but received even more corporate support in 2006.

Booker is so fiercely loyal to the corporate class that he struck back against Obama's campaign when it had made some tepid criticism of Bain Capital.  On NBC's Meet The Press he responded for his backers.  "I am not about to sit here and indict private equity".  Indeed!!  As Ford points out "Booker's entire career is a creation of private capital".

Cory (as his capitalist friends call him) may run for governor of New Jersey against Chris Christie.  It will indeed be a contest between best buddies.  He will be with his political friends.  This year he appeared with Christie and Bobby Jindal at a "School Choice Now" Summit Meeting with supporters of public school privatization.

Ford has been watching Cory's ascent to money and the powerful.  In 2002 he wrote, " Booker's impressive education served only to teach him the quickest route to the houses of the wealthy.  The young Frankenstein is now plugged into power, lacking only the national profile that Newark City Hall will provide".  Ten years later he has the national spotlight and the Wall Street money.

Glen Ford's analysis today - "Booker fully intends to become Obama The Second.  You cannot say he hasn't earned it.  By the age of 30, he has put together a rich, white ruling class fan club of his own.  This guy is a first class opportunist and a right wing ideologue, too.  Just the kind of Black man that Wall Street needs and loves."  Stay tuned!!

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