November 7, 2012

Day After The Election: First Call for Fightback As LGBT Movement Calls For Fight For The 14th Amendment

First thing this morning I saw this graphic all over Facebook and e-mails about the initiating of organizing the fight.  Why was this significant and possibly historic?  How long has it been since we have seen a fist and the word "fight" in an LGBT poster, or post for that matter.  Not since Pride marches became parades and left behind their remembrance of Stonewall as their centerpiece.

The fight back demand using as its centerpiece the 14th amendment reflects the upcoming Supreme Court arguments of equal protection guaranteed by the Constitution.  The common wisdom (not) is that Supreme Court decisions are dependent on individual justices.  But the truth is that they do not function in isolation.  One of the most recent examples was Roe V Wade.  Those white guys did not just decide all of a sudden that women had a "right to choose" but they were responding to the Women's Liberation Movement that had been in the streets and independent of both parties with a major demand which was "Abortion On Demand".  And so their decision about equal protection being extended to the LGBT community will depend on just such independent organizing demanding total equality.

Get Equal is talking about grass roots organizing.  What exactly they mean will be seen.  Part of their e-mail to supporters is encouraging:

"Just think about what we've done as a movement in the last two years. We've repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and made the American military a more (though not fully) inclusive environment. We've dragged the President of the United States, kicking and screaming, to finally embrace marriage equality -- and to do so publicly, even using it as a centerpiece in the Democratic National Convention. We've pushed back against the lies of religious bigots who wrap themselves in the Bible to soften their hateful rhetoric. We've created a model that other parts of the progressive movement are emulating -- refusing to be beaten down, refusing to cede our power, refusing to take "just wait" as an answer."
Sounds like a mass march on Washington to me..But we will see.  If they back down and revert to lobbying and/or small individual direct actions then it is not a fight back.  But if they look to past civil rights marches they will join with other organizations to march on Washington as an independent force.  Get Equal was born out of such a march in 2009 after President Obama's first election.  Keep watch and be ready for if it happens it will be historic.

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