November 7, 2012

Fight Foreclosure @ PDX - RALLY AT THE SHERIFF'S OFFICE: Friday, November 9th, 2012

Foreclosure Fighters Call on Community to Rally and Demand that the Sheriff Stop Using Public Money to Force Families from Their Homes

Friday, November 9th, 2012, 3PM
501 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR

We seek housing justice: keeping people in their homes, filling empty homes with people who need shelter, and putting community housing needs before bank profits.  We Are Oregon, The Black Working Group and other organizations in Portland have been working to support families in foreclosure throughout the past year. These foreclosure fighters are in various stages of foreclosure, and 7 of the families are resisting standing orders to leave their homes by order of a court, the city or the Sheriff. 

The police and sheriff have responded by forcibly evicting Patricia Williams and Darren Johnson from their SE Portland home on October 30th, with Sheriff’s deputies and Portland police in riot gear.  This morning a large number of heavily armed Sheriff's deputies and Portland Police broke into Will and Heather's home after shutting down all the streets to their house.  They forced Heather out of the house in her pajamas and pulled Will over on his way back from dropping his daughter at school. 

Banks have refused to follow the new law that mandates mediation and have not been held accountable, while police and sheriff have been doing the work of the banks and forcing people from their homes.  The Sheriff needs to hear loud and clear that we will stand with families fighting for housing justice and as a community not tolerate the increasing use of police aggression against families struggling to stay in their homes and stand up to the banks.

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