November 28, 2012

GM may get award, while their workers starve

General Motors Nominated for “Corporate Excellence”Award
as Disabled GM Workers and Families Starve

It is a critical moment to support the ASOTRECOL hunger strikers in Colombia in their struggle to seek justice from General Motors. Tomorrow GM is nominated to receive an award for "corporate excellence" at the State Department in DC. GM will be in the public spotlight and we need to mobilize our networks to make sure they get the message loud and clear that they will be held responsible for the exploitation and mistreatment of their workers. International solidarity is needed now more than ever. 
There is a protest being planned at the State Department in DC at 10:00 AM, and another is being planned for the GM headquarters in Detroit (400 Renaissance Center Drive) at 3:30 PM. Please pass this on to any contacts you have in Detroit and DC -- let's get a strong crowd out there tomorrow!  
For more background on the struggle, visit and watch the short videos on the ASOTRECOL Youtube channel. For more information about tomorrow's events, contact Diana Sierra .
Please also consider making a financial contribution to the hunger strikers and their families; they have sacrificed so much in this struggle and they could really use our support.  PCASC is also raising funds to send to ASOTRECOL and to El Salvador as part of our fall membership drive, so if you'd like to contribute to both of these in one go you can donate on our website as well. Thanks in advance for anything you can do. 

TO MAKE A FINANCIAL DONATION:  Send a donation check to
“Wellspring UCC” with “Colombia relief” on the memo line. Mailing
address: Wellspring UCC, Box 508, Centreville VA 20122.

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