November 13, 2012

Kansas City Takes The Lead: The Time Is Now To Relaunch Labor Party Advocates

All they had to do was look at who voted.  They pointed out that despite 6 BILLION Dollars being spent less people voted than in 2008.

THE NUMBERS:  The  2010 census found 229.7 million native or naturalized citizens of voting age.  The popular vote for president was a little over 122 million - 56% of those eligible.  Tens of millions of immigrant residents - legal or undocumented are denied voting rights.  Therefore the winning candidate was supported by less than 25% of the adult population.

Officials of labor and the social movements claim to be ecstatic over "our" victory but even they know that it will be a rough road with their "friend".  The crying about the myth of the "Fiscal Cliff" which is their term for what in Europe is called an Austerity Plan will mean that every social benefit we have fought for is on the chopping block.

The lack of a working class party in this country means that the mainstream labor spokespersons will focus more on the Democratic Party than on the rank and file members.  And we are left vulnerable.  For this reason a group of unionists in Kansas City decided to relaunch the Kansas City Labor Party Advocates.  Their first meeting will be in January.  We will all be watching!

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