November 16, 2012

Portland: Come stand with the people of Gaza and against Israel's criminal attacks!!

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SATURDAY November 17th
Pioneer Courthouse Square (701 SW 6th Ave, Portland OR)

Come stand with the people of Gaza and against Israel's criminal attacks!!

Four years following Israel's invasion of Gaza which killed 1,400 and wounded more than 5,000 civilians, Israel has once again escalated its attack on Gaza, with aircraft, drones and warships bombing over 20 sites, killing and wounding dozens of civilians. Once again the Israeli army is threatening a ground invasion.

On November 14, two days after Palestinian factions in Gaza agreed to a truce following several days of violence, Israel assassinated the leader of Hamas' military wing, Ahmed Jabari, threatening to escalate the violence once again after a week in which at least six Palestinian civilians were killed and dozens more wounded in Israeli attacks. The Israeli offensive has shattered the hopes of many that a truce brokered a day earlier by Egypt might end weeks of exchanges, with Israeli military forces now stationed near the Gaza border

In response to this latest attack, antiwar, social justice, and human rights activists have called for emergency actions to oppose Israel's latest offensive and express solidarity with the Palestinian people.

JOIN PORTLAND as we say Stop the Attacks on Gaza!! and demand Israel end its illegal policies of war and occupation!

Viva la Palestina!!

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