November 20, 2012

Portland: No More Evictions!

Last Friday one of our long time foreclosure fighters, Debbie Austin, received a court mandated eviction notice from the Sheriff. You can support Debbie by calling the Sheriff at 503 988-4300.

Debbie has been fighting her foreclosure for over a year and like many people has been given the run around since the beginning. It all began when Debbie and her husband had both been diagnosed with cancer and Ron lost his second job. They sought help from the bank but the bank refused them and requests for modification. 11 months after vowing to keep her home, Debbie has finally exhausted the possibilities in the courts, and is standing her ground, on the eve of her eviction, on the moral claim that families' homes are more important than bank profits.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen two families forcibly evicted by the Sheriff and dozens of police officers with guns. Effectively, subsidizing the banks once again by using public dollars to enforce these evictions. Evictions that could have been prevented if the bank actually worked with the homeowners to keep them in their home.

Debbie has taken a stand with the support of the community. This week Debbie will host thanksgiving dinner alongside other families fighting foreclosure. One community supporter just stopped by and donated a turkey.

You can help keep Debbie in her home this Thanksgiving by calling Sheriff Staton at:

(503) 988-4300

Tell him not to evict Debbie Austin and to stop spending public money on subsidizing bank evictions.

No more evictions!

In Solidarity,

Angela MacWhinnie
We Are Oregon

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