November 12, 2012

We Need a Critical Reading of the Election Results

Written by Communist Party of Venezuela

Communist Party of Venezuela: We need a critical reading of the results of October 7.
A strategic defeat was delivered to imperialism.
We need to continue to gain strength.

The Venezuelan people and international forces for peace and progress have been celebrating, first of all, because the presidential election process played out peacefully and in an orderly fashion, which shows a strengthening over almost 14 years of peaceful mechanisms of conflict resolution.
Secondly, they welcomed the margin by which decisive victory was gained. It left no room for doubts regarding the political option sought by the immense majority of the people in turning back tiny ultra-right groups that for months had gambled on creating destabilizing conditions.

The third cause for celebration is the clear fact that the road for preparing socialism continues to open up, and even the content and scope of socialism are being clarified.

Venezuela has a population of 29,718,357 inhabitants, of whom 18,903,143 were registered to vote, and in excess of 15 million actually did so. There were six candidates but it was clear from the beginning that there were two distinct groupings in contention for the electorate – one represented by Hugo Chavez, and the other by the figure of Henrique Capriles Radonski.

The remaining options added up to no more than 0.6 percent of the vote

Chavez in his usual style articulated the necessity of continuing with the Bolivarian Revolution and construction of Bolivarian Socialism of the 21st Century, while Capriles, determinedly utilizing abstract talk of “progress” to cover things up, outlined a laughable kind of capitalism, one in which private enterprise and the bourgeoisie love the people and is so good as to generate employment.

Evaluating the electoral event of October 7, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV) underscored that, with the decisive people’s victory led by President Chavez, now re-elected, people and revolutionary forces administered a strategic defeat to imperialism and Zionism.

Oscar Figueroa, Secretary General of the PCV, pointed out that, “As we have said many times, not only was the presidency of Hugo Chavez at stake on October 7, but also the destiny of the Venezuelan, Latin American homeland was being decided. Also at stake was whether or not advance of national and international forces in the interest of peoples of our continent would continue.”

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