December 13, 2012

Rally & People's Budget Assembly! Salem, Ore., 12/14/12

Nike tax break sparks strong reaction
Emergency press conference and rally Friday in Salem
The press conference takes place before the legislative session starts at 9:00am. The rally starts at noon.

People's Press Conference
Friday December 14
8:30 am
Rally/People's Budget Assembly
Friday December 14
12:00 - Noon
Oregon State Capitol
900 Court Street NE, Salem, Oregon
SALEM, OREGON  December 13, 2012—A coalition of labor unions, schools advocates and community organizations will hold a press conference and rally this Friday in response to Governor Kitzhaber’s push for continued Nike tax breaks.  Kitzhaber called for an emergency session to pass legislation that would freeze Nike’s taxes for a period of 5 to 40 years. The governor also asserted that this legislation could translate into tax exemptions for other large corporations.
Nike lobbyists were instrumental in getting the Oregon legislature to adopt “single-sales factor” as the formula for calculating their tax obligation.  This formula has already allowed Nike to escape paying millions each year in taxes on its profits.  As noted by Oregon Coalition for Public Policy, Nike likely reduced its tax obligation by over 90 percent when Oregon moved to single-sales factor apportionment.  Nike wants the State of Oregon to guarantee this break for as long as forty years and says it would create 500 to 12,000 jobs.
Coalition members oppose this legislation because less revenue into Oregon means major losses for the people of our state. There will be cuts to public services and to jobs for teachers, for infrastructure jobs, libraries, transportation and more. “Why are we giving a multi-billion dollar company a forty year tax break?” says Nicholas Caleb, an attorney who helped organize the rally.  “We have schools closing all around us, libraries cutting their hours, teachers losing their jobs and families in poverty in need of food and healthcare.”  The coalition questions the need for a rushed emergency session and Nike’s promised job creation. “What happens if Nike does not come through with those 500-12,000 jobs?” asks Caleb.

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