December 19, 2012

Victory for animals in Wash. State

This message is from Action for Animals who started the petition "Snohomish County (Wash. State) Council Members: Pass Ordinance No. 12-106 to ban the slaughter of horses."

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to encourage the Snohomish County Council to vote for a ban on horse slaughter.

This morning I had the privilege of attending the hearing, and the council members unanimously voted in favor of the ban on horse slaughter, which will prevent a horse slaughterhouse in the county from reopening. It was truly wonderful to see this ban pass and to see the concern that people had for horses, and I want to now encourage everyone to consider all of the animals who are slaughtered.

When we talk about protecting animals, we often are talking about horses, cats, dogs--animals who we allow to live at our homes and who we have the chance to know and love as individuals--but there are many other animals whose suffering and welfare also deserve consideration.

Whether an animal is a horse or a pig or a cow or a chicken, he or she can experience pain and fear, and a slaughterhouse is a nightmare in which animals see and hear their companions die, where animals are often skinned alive, and where there's no such thing as a humane death. All of these animals deserve better than this. When given the chance, they will play, show love, take care of their babies, bathe in the sun...and they deserve that chance. I implore everyone to use this ban on horse slaughter to challenge our general acceptance of animal slaughter and to realize that if we got to know and love pigs as we do dogs and cows as we do horses, we wouldn't support the slaughter of any animals.

If you're not already, I encourage you to consider becoming vegan, which is a powerful statement of compassion for all of the animals who do not deserve to be slaughtered. You can request a free vegan starter pack -- filled with information, tips, and recipes -- from Action for Animals at
And to everyone, please remember to always speak out about animal issues. This ban happened because concerned citizens showed a council member how important and urgent the issue of horse slaughter was in the community. We can all inspire actions that will change the world for animals.

Amanda Schemkes
Vice President
Action for Animals 

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