December 19, 2012

WalMart actions in the news

 WalMart actions in the news

WalMart workers strike on Black Friday
1,000 actions supporting Walmart workers and their fight for dignity were held across the United States.

Garment workers killed in Bangladesh sweatshop
112 garment workers in Bangladesh were killed in a factory fire as they worked overtime for U.S. clothing labels and retailers, including Walmart. 

Activists attempt to 'Block the Boat' from WalMart fire in Bangladesh
About sixty activists gathered Monday outside the Port of Newark to protest the arrival of a ship they said carried Walmart goods from Bangladesh. 

Take action:

Solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers this Saturday, December 22

On Nov. 24, 2012 one hundred and twelve, mostly women, garment workers were killed in Bangladesh sewing garments for WalMart and other US retailers. Like the one hundred and forty-six killed in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in 1911 in New York City, they died because fire exits and stairwells were chained shut and they couldn’t get out of the burning building.
Both tragedies were caused by corporate greed and illegal working conditions. The Triangle tragedy and the protest that followed resulted in important reforms to protect workers from greedy companies in the US.

Now we need to act and support efforts to hold Walmart responsible for the deaths of the workers in Bangladesh. Walmart played a leading role in blocking efforts to increase safety regulations in Bangladesh.

Please join Interfaith Worker Justice and the Making Change at Walmart coalition for a national day of action to support the workers in Bangladesh and call for Walmart to be held accountable.

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