January 24, 2013

A free webinar on Pentagon spending and how to change it

 Understanding the Pentagon Budget -- and How to Move the Money
Webinar with Chris Hellman, National Priorities Project
Thursday, January 31, 2:00 PM Eastern

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Chris HellmanPentagon spending, which has increased 50% since 2001, has moved from relative obscurity to center stage. Activists have the opportunity of a generation to achieve real and lasting decreases to military spending.

Learn how and where to get the Pentagon spending facts you need to shape the national debate. The next six weeks are critical, but your knowledge will also support the long-term effort to reorient national priorities.

This free webinar with analyst, researcher and experienced workshop leader Chris Hellman will help you understand better the mammoth Pentagon budget, how to find and use the information you need to campaign for changed national priorities, and develop skills for what will be a long-term struggle to shift those priorities.

Chris Hellman is a policy analyst with the National Priorities Project. He previously served with the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, the Center for Defense Information, and as a congressional staffer. Last year he co-led several day-long trainings on how to "Move the Money" together with Peace Action. This is part of a series of Militarism Watch webinars on strengthening skills to research militarism to serve activism, organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Register now for "Understanding the Pentagon Budget -- and How to Move the Money" on Thursday, January 31.

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