January 3, 2013

Act today to protect Oregon's wolves

From the Center for Biological Diversity:

We need your help today to call on Governor Kitzhaber to protect Oregon's wolves.

In 2011, the Center for Biological Diversity and allies went to court and stopped the state of Oregon from killing two wolves from the Imnaha pack or any other wolf. Since then, Oregon's wolf population has grown to more than 50 wolves in at least five packs.

Tomorrow we will again be in state court again arguing to keep the prohibition on wolf-killing in place as long as wolves are protected under the state's Endangered Species Act. But even if we win in court, we will likely face legislation pushed by the ranching industry to weaken the state Endangered Species Act and allow wolf killing to resume.

State agents want to kill wolves that depredate livestock, even though ranchers are compensated for any losses attributed to wolves and there are non-lethal measures to protect livestock that are more effective than killing wolves.

The Governor needs to hear an outpouring of support for wolves. Please call today and ask him to oppose any effort to weaken Oregon’s Endangered Species Act to allow the killing of wolves.

Call Gov. Kitzhaber today at (503) 378-4582.

Tell the governor:

  1. You support Oregon's Endangered Species Act and don't think it should be weakened to allow the killing of wolves.
  2. You don't want to see any wolves killed in response to livestock depredations as long as wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act.
  3. You support efforts to educate and encourage ranchers to use non-lethal methods to avoid livestock depredations, including night-penning of livestock, range riders and guard dogs. 

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