January 30, 2013

Direct Action wins at Yaw's‏

From We Are Oregon:

Last Thursday, January 24th, ten former workers from Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant won their campaign against wage theft and picked up checks from management.

Yaw’s Top Notch Restaurant, a popular Portland diner in the 1950’s, reopened to much fanfare in October 2012 after being shuttered for more than 30 years. While Yaw’s painted their workplace as a family-friendly environment on their website, behind the scenes the people who worked there weren't being treated much like family.

When it became clear to the workers that the restaurant wouldn't change its practices or address their concerns individually, they gathered together to fight back. The workers were supported by community members, We Are Oregon, and The Portland Industrial Workers of the World they confronted their supervisors over more than $1200 in unpaid wages for mandatory unpaid meetings, illegal paycheck deductions, and missing time cards. One week later, the workers’ demands were met.

Alicia Carroll, a former worker at Yaw’s had this to say about her experience. “I honestly believed I would never see a cent of the money I was owed. I tried time and again to address the problem with management and was ignored. Fighting for and receiving my wages, has been a very eye opening experience. Our victory is a testament to what we can achieve when we unite. With help from the community and sticking together as a group, we were able to succeed in obtaining our proper wages and send a message to Yaw’s Top Notch that it’s not okay to disrespect workers. Hard work deserves respect.”

Click here to read more about the Yaw’s Restaurant wage theft victory and watch the video of the workers delivering their demands.

Organizing against wage theft continues. If you are experiencing wage theft, call We Are Oregon Wage at (503) 345-7831. We want to fight alongside you.

In solidarity,
Angela MacWhinnie
We Are Oregon
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