January 27, 2013

Greece: WFTU in solidarity with the strikers of the Athens Metro Rail System

290af7da62bf128139a0737fe1362678.jpgThe WFTU expressed its class-oriented solidarity with the workers-strikers of the metro of Athens and expresses its support to their fair struggle.
At the same time, it denounces the decision of the Greek government to impose the conscription of the strikers to the metro and we denounce as well the attack of the riot police forces against them which took place at 03:30 of January 25th at the hackstand of the metro resulting to injures and arrests of workers. This is an act of raw authoritarianism which targets the entire working class and people of Greece, targets the elemental rights of the workers which have been accomplished with struggles.

The transport must be a popular good and not a pricy source of profit for the multinationals. The struggle for public trasport, for cheap, secure and reliable mass means of transport must be the struggle not only of the workers in the sector but also of the workers of all sectors.
The World Federation of Trade unions, uniting 82 million workers in 120 countries of the world stands in solidarity with the strikers of the Athens Metro Railsystem demanding that the measure of conscription must be withdrawn, and the demands of the workers to be satisfied.

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