January 8, 2013

Obama Signs Anti-Iran Bill To Stop Iran's Influence - IN CENTRAL AMERICA (of course)

If you thought the fiction called the Fiscal Cliff was a diversion from action in other areas you were not surprised when Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which extends indefinite detention and the $633 billion budget for the armed services.

But you might have been surprised by Obama's aggressive stance against Central America as the U.S. imperialist hold on Latin America has been weakening with the rise of mass movements in the last couple of decades.  Well now Obama has signed his bill passed by Congress entitled, "The Countering Iran In The Western Hemisphere Act".  Oh my!  This law requires the State Department to develop a plan within 180 days (June 2013) to "counter" Iran's alleged influence in Latin America.  The strategy will be confidential.

The text provides for a multi-agency action plan to provide security[sic] in Central America with a "counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization plan".  It also requires stronger (??) surveillance at U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada to "prevent operatives from Iran, Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), its Quds Force, Hezbollah or any other terrorist organization from entering the United States.  This is of course at the same time as grass roots immigration rights groups are calling for the end of the militarization of the border as a starting point for Immigration Reform.

Tehran has recently opened embassies in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, where it has strengthened its presence through investments.  But having just returned from Honduras it seems to me that this could be cover for U.S. intervention/disruption (again) of their November 2013 elections.  In 2009 the Obama Administration supported the coup in Honduras and yet the social movements have been growing despite ongoing repression.  This would seem to call for the U.S. "counter-radicalization plan" called for in this legislation.

According to the research of the Strategic Culture Foundation, in an article entitled Prospects For A Populist Comeback In Honduras Worry The U.S. Intelligence Department, "the U.S. Department of State, the CIA and the U.S.Defense Intelligence Department are not the only agencies diverting top level human resources to Honduras.  USAID and the Peace Corps are also there and vast opportunities are open for contractors with combat experience or a record of service in the Special Forces".

Despite flowery phrases this is the foreign policy of the Obama/Clinton State Department and apparently this bill was all they needed to get bi-partisan approval.

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