January 25, 2013

Sit in at Sheriff's office continues. Next steps underway‏.

Yesterday, community members fighting foreclosure and evictions coordinated a sit-in and refused to leave the Office of the Multnomah County Sheriff. The group demanded an end to bank evictions in light of the recent forcible eviction of Debbie Austin and her family in NE Portland.

The Sheriff met with the group and expressed his support for homeowners but refused to call a moratorium on evictions. The group, including Debbie Austin, pressed the urgency for immediate action to protect homeowners from homelessness caused by greedy banks and decided to conduct a sit in until the Sheriff calls a moratorium on bank evictions.

The home defenders spent the night at the Sheriff’s office and came up with a plan to put our community on a direct and speedy path towards an eviction moratorium.

There are three parts of the home defenders plan towards eviction moratorium:

  • The Sheriff must issue a 90-day moratorium on eviction beginning today, while the Sheriff pursues judicial and legislative options for full moratorium.

  • The Sheriff shall commit to a process with Home defenders for a long-term solution through, but not limited to, legislation and working with the judicial system to keep families in their homes and holding banks accountable.

  • Home Defenders commit to publicly take action against those that stand in the way of housing justice and defend this path towards moratorium.

After initially stating that he would be out of town today the Sheriff has now agreed to meet with the home defenders and Commissioner Jeff Cogen.

Join us at 2PM today at the Multnomah County building at 501 SE Hawthorne. We will cheer the home defenders and announce the outcome of the meeting.

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In solidarity,

Angela MacWhinnie
We Are Oregon

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