January 23, 2013

Stand with the Austins and join us for a rally at the Sheriff's office

Last Wednesday the Austin family awoke to the sounds of Sheriff’s officers and Portland Police beating on their door. The officers waited until Ron Austin had gone to work at 5am, when Debbie and her two children were alone, then entered the home to forcibly evict the family at the demand of the publicly owned and funded mortgage regulator, Fannie Mae.
Now the family, like many in our community, is houseless, staying with friends, and keeping up the fight to regain their home of 27 years. This is not over; it’s just the beginning!

The Sheriff continues to evict despite demands for a moratorium, court rulings against banks for foreclosure fraud, and public outrage at violence towards families. We must speak out now louder than ever!

Join us at the Multnomah County Building to let Sheriff Dan Staton know that we stand against evictions in our community. The Sheriff must stop using our tax dollars to put families out on the street. Banks are refusing to work with homeowners choosing instead to evict our neighbors and blight our community.

Thursday, January 24th, 2012
501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

No more evictions!
No more empty homes!

Other ways to support the Austin’s -
Call Sheriff Staton at (503) 988-4300 and let him know that you support the Austins and that you want all evictions stopped.

Sign the petition to Fannie Mae telling it to stop evicting people from their homes.

Update on Debbie’s situation here courtesy of the Portland Occupier.
In solidarity,
Angela MacWhinnie
We Are Oregon

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