January 3, 2013

Victor Jara murderers charged

On Friday, December 27, Chilean Judge Miguel Vásquez charged two Chilean officials, Pedro Barrientos and Hugo Sanchez, in the 1973 murder of Chilean Folk singer Victor Jara; six others were charged as accomplices.

Four of the eight took courses at the School of the Americas.

Pedro Barrientos, the second-in-command of the National Stadium which was turned into a open-air prison following the September 11th US-sponsored coup, and Raúl Jofré took the same Officers' Orientation course in 1968; Edwin Dimter Bianchi took a Combat Arms Orientation course in 1970; and Jorge Smith Gumucio took a Combat Arms Orientation course in 1972. Pedro Barrientos resides in Daytona Beach, FL.

Victor Jara was one of the Pinochet regime's first victims.

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