January 17, 2013

VIDEO: Farewell Ceremony to 3 Slain Kurdish Women

From Bianet:

Hundreds of thousands people gathered in Diyarbakir early to this morning to say a last goodbye to Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez, 3 Kurdish politicians who were cold-bloodedly killed in Paris on January 9.

The ceremony promptly started at 10am in the morning, when the bodies of 3 slain Kurdish women were checked out from a private hospital in downtown Diyarbakir to be escorted to the ceremony in Batikent Square.

One the steps of the hospital, dozens of demonstrators formed a crowded from the early hours of the cold morning and held banners saying "We are all Sakine", "We are all Fidan" and "We are all Leyla".

The bodies of 3 slain women were carried by women, an exclusive practice since traditional practices compel men to do the duty. Demonstrators followed the bodies to Batikent Square, shouting slogans in Kurdish which meant "Martyrs are immortal".

A huge poster of 3 slain Kurdish women marked amid escorting demonstrators. The escorting crowd joined hundred of thousand people in Batikent Sqaure where local politician addressed in Kurdish on the top of bus. Diyarbakir mayor Osman Baydemir ve Democratic Society Congress co-chair Ahmet Türk were among the remarkable attendees and speakers. (NV/HK)

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