February 13, 2013

Foreclosure Action -- call today

From We Are Oregon:

Fannie Mae really wants nothing to do with the families that they evict. They use armed goons and local henchmen to avoid looking homeowners, like Debbie Austin, in the eye as they throw them out onto the street.

The bailout funded giant has installed armed private security guards in the Austins home to keep their house family-free.  By our count the amount spent keeping their home empty has surpassed $10,000. And when home defenders met with Fannie Mae last month in DC, the mortgage giant said they weren't able to work with her, but that we should contact their local representatives. In Oregon, Fannie Mae has passed the buck on to Eugene attorney Brian D. Cox, the Fannie Mae foreclosure servicer in Oregon.

On February 5th, 12 community members visited the law office of Brian Cox to demand that the NE Portland home be returned to the Austins immediately and permanently. We haven’t heard a reply yet. Brian Cox needs to know that there are hundreds of community members standing with the Austins! We will hold him and Fannie Mae accountable for the housing crisis and evictions in our community!

Take action today! Send a message to Fannie Mae’s Oregon foreclosure servicer Brian Cox and demand that they give Debbie back her house!  

Call Brian Cox’s office at (541) 683-7151. Here is an example of what you might say:

* Calls are the most effective! *

Hello my name is ________.

May I speak with Brian Cox?

As a neighbor and community member I am outraged at the eviction of Debbie and Ron Austin and their two children on January 16th, 2013. I am also appalled that Fannie Mae has so far paid more than $10,000 to have armed security guarding their home to keep the house empty. I demand that you, as a representative of Fannie Mae, work with the Austins to return the home to them immediately and permanently, and that you stop participating in all evictions. The housing justice community will continue to stand with the Austin’s until they are returned to their home permanently.

Will you work to return the Austins to their home?

If not Brian Cox -- who at Fannie Mae is empowered to work with the Austins to return their home?

In solidarity,
Angela Macwhinnie
We Are Oregon

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