February 19, 2013

Join the Labor Solidarity Delegation to El Salvador April 28-May 4!

Join the Labor Solidarity Delegation, April 28-May 4!

The Salvadoran social movement is calling for international solidarity as they struggle against a US-backed Public-Private Partnership law to privatize El Salvador’s last public industries & infrastructure. Take on-the-ground action alongside the Salvadoran labor movement and march with 75,000 workers on International Workers' Day!
  • Share strategies to defend the public sector and union jobs with Salvadoran union leaders.
  • Speak out against US economic and political intervention.
  • Learn about labor organizing and building popular power under the country’s FIRST leftist government.
  • Take to the streets with over 75,000 workers on International Workers’ Day!
For more information, check out the CISPES web site.

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