February 4, 2013

No more hired guns keeping homes empty!‏

From We Are Oregon:

On January 18th the Austin family was forcibly evicted at the demand of the publicly owned and funded mortgage regulator, Fannie Mae. Now the family, like many in our community, is houseless but their home is not empty.

An armed private security guard was immediately installed in Debbie’s home. When Debbie asked for an explanation, she was told that it was none of her business.
But it is OUR business. Fannie Mae is a taxpayer-backed institution that gambled public money on the housing bubble and lost more than $30 billion!

If Fannie Mae truly cared about keeping families in their homes, as they say they do, they would work with families to stay in their homes. Instead they use our judicial system to evict families like the Austins and are spending an estimated $480-600 a day on 24-hour armed guards–an amount that is substantially larger than the Austin’s original mortgage on the house!

Please click here to send a letter to the editor at the Oregonian and the Register Guard in Eugene. Express your outrage that Fannie Mae is using public funds to take families’ homes and spending hundreds a day on private security to keep homes empty.

In solidarity,
Angela MacWhinnie
We Are Oregon

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