February 19, 2013

Save Six-Day Mail Delivery! Catch the spirit of 1970 on March 17!

Communities and Postal Workers United supports the NALC March 24th day of action to Save Six-Day Delivery and encourages our contacts to mobilize with NALC members, other postal unions, and community for events in your area (the NALC will designate locations for each local action). We encourage our supporters to bring the larger message of Save America's Postal Service -- No Closures, No Cuts, No Delay of the Mail! and Stop Privatization and Union Busting! Repeal the Pre-Fund and Refund the Pension Surplus -- to these March 24 actions.

For those CPWU affiliates and contacts who have planned actions for the CPWU national day of action, March 17th, the anniversary of the Great Postal Strike, we encourage you to follow through -- catch the spirit of 1970! Both days of action can compliment each other. Congress, the President and the Postmaster General must be shown the massive support of the American people for their constitutionally mandated postal service.

Organize an action (or two) in your city!


Jamie Partridge

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