February 12, 2013

State of the Union, 2013

From the National Day Laborer Organizing Network:

Tonight, We invite you to watch the State of the Union with us. 

We're partnering with Cuéntame to stream it LIVE and then do an immediate undocumented response to the speech.

We'll be gathered with 250 immigrant workers from around the country who are in Washington to make the case that an end to deportations is the first step on the road to citizenship for all immigrants living and working in the United States.  

We'll be watching to see what he'll say about the civil rights crisis caused by the enforcement of unjust immigration laws—from Arizona to New Orleans to his own Department of Homeland Security.   And most importantly, we will listen to hear if he will include day laborers, domestic workers, and other hard working wage earners alongside students and engineers in his vision for immigrant citizenship.

We have heard soaring speeches before.  Today is different because we all stand ready to push the President to give his words meaning through immediate action.   Many of those gathered here in DC are either facing deportation or have a loved one still in detention after workplace raids.  What does the President's speech sound like from their perspective?

At 9  PM ET, 6 PM PST We'll be live streaming the state of the union and then workers’ responses immediately afterward at: http://mycuentame.org/stateoftheunion

We will also be showcasing your tweets and messages on screen. Make sure to use the hashtag #Not1More & #All11Million to say not one more deportation and demand inclusion for ALL 11 million.

After the State of the Union, there will be many pundits chiming in, but we believe its time for the people whose lives hang in the balance to speak for themselves.   Our citizenship will be won by our participation in the political process of the coming months.  Together, we can make immigration laws that reflect our values.  Will you join us? 
Pablo Alvarado

P.S. And if you haven't already signed the petition, tell the President to start the immigration reform debate with a stop to deportations at: http://bit.ly/notonemore

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Ann Montague said...

Excellent Fight Back. "End Deportations Now!" Sounds like a demand whose time has come...