March 3, 2013

Communist Party of Greece: The socialism which we are struggling for

On Monday 25/2 the proceedings of the “round-table discussion” organized by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) were held in Moscow, on the topic “The Image of Socialism we are Fighting for”, with the participation of foreign delegations, which participated in the 15th Congress of the CPRF.

Elisseos Vagenas, representative of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), made a contribution to the “round-table discussion” on behalf of the KKE. The speech was as follows:

Dear comrades,

We thank the CPRF for the opportunity that it is providing us today to exchange thoughts about this important issue.

The KKE, after the counterrevolutionary changes in the Soviet Union in 1991, despite the fact that it emerged organizationally weakened, due to the inner-party struggle with the opportunist forces which in the end left the party, maintained its communist identity: Its faith in the Marxist-Leninist worldview and the necessity of the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. It defended the hammer and sickle and its other historical symbols and at the same time began long-term research and inner-party work on the causes which led to the defeat of socialism in the USSR. Through this work, which was consolidated in the Decision of the 18th Congress of our party, our party enriched its conception of socialism. An enrichment which in turn is expressed in the new draft programme of our party, which will be the work of our 19th Congress in about a month.

Today we are certainly “one step” forwards compared to the revolutionaries before the Great October Socialist Revolution. This is because today there is the vast experience, positive and negative, of the socialist construction in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and other countries. The KKE, in contrast with the forces of the so-called “Party of the European Left” (PEL), defends the enormous contribution of the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries to the progress of humanity as a whole. Socialism which existed in the 20th century was able to satisfy important needs of the people, which capitalism not only cannot but does not want to satisfy: free education, health, social security, vacations, housing, pensions at 55 for women and 60 for men, certainty about the future and many other things.

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