March 25, 2013

Freedom Fighters Declare Ceasefire In Turkey

From Bianet:

The Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Chair Murat Karayılan declared an official ceasefire with Turkey, adding that they were ready to withdraw from Turkey depending on Turkish administration's response to the ongoing peace efforts.

KCK Executive Council Chair Murat Karayılan sent a video message to the Newroz celebration groups in Bonn, Germany, declaring an official ceasefire with Turkey.
"Since March 21 and departing from there, we; KCK, PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) and HPG (People's Defense Forces), officially and clearly declare a ceasefire," he said.
According to Firat News Agency, Karayılan said that they have accepted and agreed Öcalan's call for ceasefire, pledging not to involve in any attacks unless the Turkish side did so.
"However," Karayilan continued, "we keep our right to retaliate to [Turkish Army's] attacks. We are now expecting the Turkish government and parliament to form commissions and create a suitable environment for a withdrawal."
Karayilan also added that Öcalan's perspective launched a new era in their struggle - a struggle on democracy and freedom.

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