March 27, 2013

¡Muros Abajo! Walls Down!

“Progressive art can assist people to learn not only about objective forces at work in the society in which they live, but also about the intensely social character of their interior lives. Ultimately, it can propel people toward social emancipation.”
- Angela Davis

WALLS DOWN is a community art exhibit brought to you by the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee that calls for the re-imagining of our communities from divided by an ever-multiplying number of barriers to a society where the physical and symbolic structures that divide us are toppled. It is a demand and a call for action that points to a system that is NOT broken but is designed to oppress, marginalize, and divide. In a time of unprecedented detentions, record numbers of deportations, and increasing gaps between the have-and-the-have-nots, WALLS DOWN points to the fissures in structures of power and invites us to reflect on our organization, resistance, and collective social emancipation. The exhibit invites artist of all walks of life to participate in a collective reflection of current times while at the same time propelling us towards a society free of ‘walls’.

In the spirit of tearing down barriers and building societies made up of communities we make the following call:
  • To those that call for the construction of concrete and militarized border walls that separate people, families, and communities… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those write, lobby for, and pass laws that criminalize innocent people in order to fill prison and detention beds as a means of making profit… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those that refuse to educate and instead use fear and paranoia to create psychological, emotional and mental obstacles aimed at dividing people and communities… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those that continue to bombard our daily lives with physical and virtual walls of corporate advertisement while criminalizing the art we create on our own streets… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those that perpetuate a police state, continue to use the industrial prison complex to resolve social ills, and in turn have built the “new Jim Crow” … we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those that displace hundreds of thousands of people from their land and water sources by building dams, cutting trees, or creating multi-national agreements that only benefit corporate interests… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those who violently rip the poor from their own communities under the veil of “development”… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those who plot behind locked doors resisting transparency… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those who believe in the power of the “free market”, who believe in the invisible hand and who pray to false gods on Wall Street… we say WALLS DOWN.
  • To those who lock up our comrades for refusing to cooperate with the state, or because their work is powerful and effective and threatens all that you stand for… we say WALLS DOWN.
CALLING ALL ARTISTS: At a time when we are bombarded by media misinformation that plays on our fears, it is important to create space to tell our stories. We invite you to submit work that breaks WALLS DOWN, surpasses political boundaries, reflects on our diversity and our power to resist, highlights autonomous resistance movements, and introduces a vision of a world we struggle for.

 For more details, please see the Submission Form.

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