March 7, 2013

National Day of Action: Defend Education Day

The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) are organizing a national day of action on March 14, 2013 in opposition to the proposed cuts to the education budget, student debt and the ongoing privatization within the academy.  This will be the 4th annual March day of action since their mobilizations began in 2010.

SDS’s website declares that "with each new hike in cost, thousands of students and youth are either priced out of an education or are forced to incur thousands of dollars of student debt. With each cut, more teachers lose their jobs, fewer students get the knowledge they deserve, and more and more young people are forced to take on a lifetime of debt. The future of this country resides in the opportunities given to the next generation of aspiring students."

The chapter-based organization is intending on mobilizing a coalition of students, ex-students and faculty on as many college-campuses and high-schools as possible to draw attention to the multitude of student related on campus issues relating to accessibility and privatization. The 'Defend Education Day' sign-up and details on the coalition can be found at Students have been encouraged to hold demonstrations of all kinds on their campuses and communities to target their respective administrations, state legislatures, as well as institutions which represent corporate power on and around campus.

A national flyer for #DefendEduDay declares that the students are seeking to... "mobilize the 99% of students and faculty who cannot afford yet another budget cut and tuition hike. Chop from the top. Education is a right, not a privilege." Demonstrations are currently planned for the University of Minnesota, UF Gainesville, NC State and a dozen or so additional campuses currently planning a demonstration in support public education. 

Will you do your part?


-The Student Debt Crisis Team

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