March 2, 2013

Stopping Home Foreclosures In Portland


It has been neighbors, homeowners, volunteers, and community resisters on the front lines of the housing justice struggle since we kicked off active home defense in December 2011 with Debbie Austin publicly refusing her eviction order and then escalated on May Day 2012 when people reclaimed Alicia Jackson’s home.

At Alicia’s home, volunteers have been doing house sitting support 24/7 since May 1, 2012. We need your support to keep the house secure, full of vibrant people, and to build an even stronger movement for housing justice in Portland! Sign up for a shift at Alicia’s house, read below for what this entails.

One of the critical ways that community members stabilize and secure homes and fight against eviction is through house sitting inside of the homes that are actively in the eviction process. Housing justice supporter Claire Flanagan puts it this way, "House sitting is one way that I participate in home defense. I know that when I'm doing a shift I'm not just sitting on a couch, I'm supporting a family and I'm saying that the community should decide who lives in this house, not the banks."

Are you available to do an occasional or a regularly scheduled housesitting shift in inner-NE Portland? Sign up here or scroll down and fill out the form!

House sitting consists of:
  • Being physically present inside of a home for a set shift.
  • Calling the phone number of the rapid response dispatch should Sheriff, police, or other similar people arrive.
  • Leaving the property without resisting and, ideally, without being arrested.
House sitting is crucial but simple - there is furniture, wireless internet, and power. It is recommended that you bring snacks, water, blankets or whatever you might need to be comfortable. If you are new to house sitting we will give you a briefing and explanation of all the details before you do a shift, don't worry, we will help you feel prepared.

Home defense is neighbors helping neighbors to stay safe and feel supported throughout the fight for housing justice.

Sign up today for your shift!

Angela and the housing justice team

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