April 26, 2013

Breaking News! Political Prisoner Lynne Stewart Has Been Recommended For Compassionate Release

I was lucky enough to be in Oakland and one of the first to hear this great victory.  Ralph Poynter, Lynne's husband called in to say that the Warden at FMC Carswell has recommended immediate release.  The warden also commented that he has received over 11,000 letters from all over the world and he wants it to stop.  They have been asking for her to be released and returned to Sloan-Kittering Cancer Center where she had been treated previously. She had been refused based on the estimate that she was 2 years from death and therefore not qualified for compassionate release. This is a great victory for the Mumia/Lynne Stewart Defense Committee who were tenacious in their advocacy of this case when people told them it would never work.

The recommendation will now go up the chain of command which means Judge Cotel who originally sentenced her and the Justice Department. Publicizing the recommendation of the warden is important to pressure Eric Holder and ultimately President Obama.

Lynne was a victim of a frame up for her work as the lawyer for Omar Abdel-Rachman also known as the "Blind Sheik".  Her appeal is before the Supreme Court.

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