April 24, 2013

Democrats Take Their Stand On Attacks On Current Oregon PERS Recipients: YES!!

Every Democrat in the State Senate voted for SB822 which attacks current PERS retirees monthly, starting in two months.  Today every Democrat in the State House voted for SB822 - except one. This was only because Rep. Tina Kotek, Speaker of the House said she would "allow"one Democrat to vote against.  I don't know if they drew straws or what? And who it was is not important.  There were many Democrats who campaigned one way and voted another. They obediently followed their Speaker without considering the consequences.  Will there be any?

Current retirees will remember this vote every month when we receive our PERS checks and it pays for less and less of our basic living expenses.  Starting in two months!! And so will future retirees which increases our numbers every month.

So the ball is now in the court of the unions that "represent" these PERS recipients.  Are they once again going to continue supporting a party and its candidates who always say one thing and do something else. We will once again hear, "Gosh, we are better than the other guys".  Not really.  Starting with the Governor, you took this one on by yourself. The way the Dems voted was how it was to be. This is not a game. But it is time for Payback!

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