April 2, 2013

Kızıldere Massacre Victims Commemorated on 41st Anniversary

From Bianet:

Roughly a thousand people assembled in downtown Istanbul on Saturday to commemorate the Kızıldere Massacre on its 41st anniversary with their slogan "The history of resistance and solidarity is our honor".

İstanbul - BIA News Desk
01 April 2013, Monday
Roughly a thousand people assembled in downtown Istanbul on Saturday to commemorate the Kızıldere Massacre - where student movement leaders Mahir Çayan, Hüdai Arıkan, Cihan Alptekin, Nihat Yılmaz, Ertan Sarıhan, Ahmet Atasoy, Sinan Kazım Özüdoğru, Sabahattin Kurt, Ömer Ayna and Saffet Alp were killed on March 30, 1972 inKızıldere (currently Ataköy), Istanbul.
Following a march from Taksim Sqaure to Galatasaray Square, demonstrators made a statement announced by Dr. Nazmi Algan.

"Kızıldere is a revolutionary solidarity. Mahirs [one of the massacre victims] have departed for Kızıldere to prevent the executions of Denizs [one of 1970 military coup victims]. This is one of the most important acts in our history. In an era where political power intensified its attacks on revolutionary values and personalities, we are standing behind our history of revolutionary solidarity. We won't let political elites to denigrate and rewrite our revolutionary struggle history. We won't let our leaders Mahir, Deniz and other fellow revolutionaries to be accused as pro-coup or Ergenekon organization members," the statement said.

Reminding that their duty was to confront the imperialism flourishing in the Middle East, demonstrators pledged for the restoration of peace and fraternity in the region.

"As the history demonstrated several times, those who sacrifice themselves for the people are never forgotten and we want to remind the political administration on the 41 anniversary of Kızıldere Massacre that no power can ever make us forget it. The history of resistance and solidarity is our honor. Our struggle for equality, freedom, justice, peace and fraternity will resume with the strength that they inspire us."

The commemoration ended with slogans and Dev-Genç Anthem. (ÇT)

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