April 12, 2013

Pension theft moves forward in Oregon

The Oregon Senate Thursday passed Senate Bill 822 by a 16-13 margin. Senate Bill 822 harms retirees and current workers by reducing promised cost-of-living adjustments and by reducing payments to out-of-state retirees. All sixteen Democrats voted in favor. All 13 Republicans who were present voted against on the grounds the legislation did not go far enough. (Senator George was absent.)

There were two procedural votes, also on party line votes. One would have re-referred SB 822 back to committee to add amendments to make it worse. The other would have brought forward a much worse version of pension reform. On the procedural votes the Ds voted with us and the Rs voted against us.

The outrageous, illegal proposal now moves from the Senate to the House.for consideration in the near future.

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Ann Montague said...

There will be consequences for these Democratic State Senators. And the Dem. State Representatives should take note.. One Dem is quoted saying to one of our lobbyists, "Why do you care, they (current recipients) cannot strike". Well we have years of worksite actions and we will respond..