April 18, 2013

Portland Home Defenders - short film released!

We Are Oregon has partnered with the BMedia Collective to produce this incredible video about the home defenders who are out there everyday working to stop evictions and keep families in their homes.

Watch the short video, share the video, and get the word out about all the great work in the housing justice community!

Here's a few tidbits:

"[We are] trying to create a movement. Trying to raise consciousness. ... I'm doing the work because it's positive and keeps me going," Eduardo.

"Whatever affects the community, your neighborhood. It affects you, whether you think you're apart of it or not. I don't see a lot of choice in this...I think we have to [defend homes]. We have to draw the line somewhere. Basic stuff, you need a home to live in," Nabeeh.

"I just consider myself an ally... [house sitting is] a constant need and an easy space for me to participate in. Housing is such a fundamental human right. It's a really important place for us to push back against the system," Emily.

Watch the short video, share the video on facebook and twitter!

Onward and upward,

The Home Defenders at We Are Oregon

PS. Sign up to be a home defender on the website now.

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