April 3, 2013

Protest Fidelity National Title's Actions In Portland

Ms. Annette Steele is fighting to keep her family's home and we are standing with her!

Click here to send a fax to Fidelity National Title now demanding they return Ms.Steele's home to her and her family!

Ms. Steele's home title has been bought and sold all over town, most recently it was bought by Fidelity National Title. For months she has made several attempts at contacting Fidelity regarding their claim of ownership to her home.

"I have been manipulated and defrauded by a series of banks and finance companies in an effort to steal my home," Ms. Steele wrote in a letter last year.
"I am writing you [Fidelity] to request hat we scheudle a meeting so I can discuss feasible options with your company to resolve this situation."

Fidelity has never responded. Being ignored is a common experience of homeowners who try to reach out and work with home poaching investment firms through "official" channels.
Since Fidelity has been unwilling to communicate with Ms. Steele, on Friday, March 22nd, she and four Portland Home Defenders joined 15 members of Standing Against Foreclosure and Evictions (SAFE) to deliver a letter directly to Fidelity's Seattle regional office.

The demand stated that in light of information that one of their "assets", her home, was acquired through predatory practices, the company should at once release Ms. Steele's home back to her. They gave Fidelity a dadline of March 29th to respond, but Ms. Steele has yet to receive any communication.

We will not allow home poaching companies like Fidelity to ignore homeowners while they grow their profits and damage our communities.

Take action now to support Ms. Steele! Click here to send a fax
or make a phone call  to Fidelity demanding they immediatley open a line of communication and work with Ms. Steele to return her home to the family.

Angela and the Portland Home Defenders

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