April 2, 2013

Show Your Support For Paid Sick Days - Hearing Tomorrow

Portland workers may have won an important victory, but ALL Oregonians deserve Paid Sick Days.
Tomorrow, the Business & Labor Committee of the State House of Representatives will hold a public hearing to get community input on HB 3390, a bill proposing earned sick time for all working Oregonians.
Let's fill the hearing room so they know we support paid sick days!
When: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 8.00am
Where: Oregon State Capitol, Salem

Get There on the Bus: Bus leaving Portland at 6.45am.  Email julie@famillyforwardoregon.org to reserve a space.
Everybody benefits when we all earn paid sick days.  And right now, hundreds of thousands of Oregonians can't stay home from work when they're sick or have a sick child - without losing needed income or their jobs.

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