April 12, 2013

TAKE ACTION: Protect Oregon's wolves!

FROM:  Oregon Wild

(Oregon’s wolves have supporters around the world. Whether you live in Portland, Pendleton, Pittsburgh, or Perth, you can show your support for wolf recovery in Oregon.)

Fighting anti-wildlife legislation in Salem has become an unfortunate annual ritual. With your help, we’ve defeated every wolf kill bill. But that hasn’t stopped the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association from trying again this year.

We’ve been working hard this year to stop a slew of anti-wildlife bills. Thankfully most of those bills have already been defeated. However a new threat has emerged. HB3452 is one of the most misguided bills we’ve seen in a long time – and that’s saying something.

The bill would declare a state of emergency and allow private citizens to kill any wolf they believe has caused past damage. Given the wild claims made by some who still fear the big bad wolf that could mean open season on wolves.

Just a few weeks ago, headlines were made when a wolf was blamed for attacking a Shih Tzu near Baker City. If HB3452 were law, any wolf in the area would have been fair game. DNA testing ultimately concluded the dog had simply been attacked by another dog and not a wolf.

This latest wolf kill bill is not only dangerous and misguided, it’s completely unnecessary. In 2012, with the states wolf killing program on hold, the number of livestock lost to wolves plummeted while the wolf population nearly doubled. Meanwhile, in neighboring states, over 1,000 wolves have been killed in the last two years. In those states, wolf numbers are dropping and conflict is increasing.

Simply put, killing wolves doesn’t solve problems.

Rather than find new ways to sidestep basic protections for endangered wildlife, Oregon should redouble efforts to prevent conflict. That’s why it was so disappointing when vocal anti-wolf voices in the livestock industry recently rebuffed our efforts to provide more funds for non-lethal conflict deterrence.

Things are moving quickly in the capital. HB3452 will likely not be the last threat to wolves, wildlife, and conservation values.

Please take a moment to sign on your support for common sense collaborative solutions. We’ll deliver this petition to decision makers whenever those threats arise.

For wolves and wildlife,
Rob Klavins
Wildlife Advocate
Oregon Wild

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