April 30, 2013

The Global Crisis is Far from Abating

From the Keynote Address to the 37th Central Convention of the Communist Party of Canada, presented by party leader Miguel Figueroa.
A central focus of our Political Resolution deals with the deepening crisis of global capitalism, and with the working class and people's fightback against the consequences of that crisis in Canada and around the world. We have been reminded once again that this crisis is far from abating by the recent events in Cyprus over the past several weeks, threatening to plunge the European banking system into yet another round of crisis.

Even the Financial Times was forced to admit that the "risks for Europe are significant... The prescription of universal [sic] austerity combined with kid‑gloves treatment of big investors in banks is increasingly toxic to European voters. Leaders have just added fuel to the fire."

The Cypriot crisis also brings a much larger issue into focus ‑ the stupendous amounts of "buried treasure" which international finance capital has ferreted away in so‑called tax havens to avoid paying taxes on wealth, of which the Cypriot banks are but the very small tip of the iceberg.

According to the Tax Justice Network, the total value of such organized "tax avoidance" has now reached as much as $32 trillion dollars worldwide. Bearing in mind that global GDP is around $78 trillion, this suggests that the super‑rich are hoarding the equivalent of up to 40% of the world's annual output ‑ yet further proof that "austerity" is all about protecting monopoly interests and increasing the accumulation of capital, while making the working class and the people pay for the crisis.

The other fundamental aspect of the general crisis of capitalism is, as we know, increasing militarization and the drive to war, the drumbeats of which grow ever louder with each passing day. While the imperialist war machine has already rumbled through many countries over the recent past ‑ from Yugoslavia and Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya and most recently in Mali ‑ fresh wars are brewing against both Syria and the DPRK.

Indeed a foreign‑sponsored covert war on Syria has been raging for more than two years. Now, both Britain and France, under the "socialist" government of Francois Hollande, are raising the stakes, pressing for overt military assistance to the Free Syrian Army and other armed groups fighting to overthrow the Syrian government.

Meanwhile, tensions have sharply escalated on the Korean peninsula, as the South Korean regime, Japan, the U.S. and the other imperialist powers including Canada are working overtime to provoke a military conflict with the North. It is naive not to see this dangerous escalation as a consequence of U.S. imperialism's recent strategic "pivot to Asia", the main objective of which is to encircle and "contain" the People's Republic of China.

In both cases of Syria and the DPRK, groundless claims are bring advanced that these countries have and are preparing to use Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), and that under the doctrine of "responsibility to protect", direct imperialist intervention "may be required".

Needless to say, imperialist war in either of these strategic regions could quickly escalate into wider conflicts and possibly more generalized war, with horrific consequences for humanity. We express our solidarity with the peoples and governments of both Syria and the DPRK at this critical moment, and condemn the imperialist campaign to impose sanctions, hatch conspiracies and foment war against these countries.

With this in mind, we should resolve to increase our anti‑war efforts, especially within the labour and other people's movements, against any further imperialist aggression ‑ whether it be against Syria, the DPRK, Iran or elsewhere around the globe.

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