April 18, 2013

What Are Specifics of the Immigration Reform Bill?

For months my union has been calling for "Immigration Reform" and asks those seeking change to call Congress and ask for "Common Sense Immigration Reform". No details of what they want or what they will reject.  Although they always seem to support militarization of the border. And the calls, e-mails and texts came again yesterday when the legislation was released. Still no details.  Just call with "common sense" in the message. So if you want to know what you are supporting read this draconian bill.  But here is a summary - with details. The longest section being on Border Security.

Note the extreme militarization of the border.  $3 Billion for surveillance by Dept. Of Defense, Drones,    and additional Border Patrol.  $1.5 Billion for fencing including double and triple fencing.  And specific for Tucson $50 Million specifically to increase border crossing prosecutions from 70 a day to 210 (Operation Streamline).

Legalization has numerous restrictions and punitive fines.  The process will take a minimum of 16 years. And all INS backlog has to be cleared before it starts.

In one interesting addition: the new E-verify system with biometric data will be mandatory for all employment.  This includes biometric data for everyone to be checked before you can be employed.  U.S. citizens can use passports if they contain biometric data.

And of course Guest Worker Programs on steroids and the worker must be attached to a single employer. No mention of rights to join a union or organize. And no enforcement mechanism to protect the basic human rights of the workers. 

CLICK HERE TO READ THE Summary of Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013.

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