June 15, 2013

Resistance Is The Best Referendum!

A declaration from the Communist Party of Turkey 1920 (TKP1920):
On June 11th, AKP invaded the Taksim Square, and on june 12th tried to suppress the resistance with psychological war all day long. But they could not achieve. After then, they pulled a trick and decided to make referendum in Istanbul.
Who are instrument to AKP policies
AKP used reactionists, who commit themselves to AKP, to undermine the public movement. They also used some irresponsible persons who "represent" the Taksim Solidarity by no means. AKP and its supporters held a meeting that lasted for hours with these people and after the meeting AKP's spokesman Hüseyin Çelik held a press conference that was broadcasted live by all the channels of advocator media.
Hüseyin Çelik spoke as if they conferred a great favor to the public resisted. He said that they would surely demolish AKM (Atatürk Cultural Center) and they would not step back. He said they might hold a referendum about rebuilding Topçu Kışlası (Artillery Barracks) in Gezi Park; they would decide later whether the referendum would be held in Beyoğlu district-wide or İstanbul-wide. He said they consented to both and everybody should have consented to the result of the referendum. And he wanted resisters to leave Gezi Park as if they had met the demands of the public.
Public voted for resistance
Hüseyin Çelik is making fun of republic. Because Public has already voted for Gezi Park, for all their rent-seeking projects, their reactionist police force and their policies of imperialist war. And what's more, they have done this with taking the risk of getting injured, becoming disabled and even taking the risk of death. The referendum has been hold under the pressure of guards units of government, and under the tones of poisonuos gas, pressurized water, batons, sticks, plastic bullets and real bullets of halberdier of AKP.
In this referendum, heroic people of Istanbul, even Turkey said "Gezi Park will not be demolish and will still leave just as park." They said "AKM will not demolish, the governers and police chiefs who has commited the crime against the humanity will be dismissed". They said "all the resisters taken into custody would be released immediatly." And they said " Taksim, Kızılay and all other squares in Turkey will be open for public meetings and rallies.
The authority is belong to public
In constitution of every regime that claims democracy, it is written that "Authority, without any conditition and reservation, belongs to the public." So is Turkey. Moreover, people of istanbul and all other cities in Turkey that support Istanbul started a general resistance on May 31st. They have risked their lives. They have been fighting with all of their beings. Their magnificent resistance is the real referendum. the public have declared their decision and the deputy has to comply with it.
"Kneel Down before the public's will"
The real referandum
has been held, the public said what they want. We have seen a lot of referandum tricks and we don't want anymore.AKP must comply with the sovereign public's will.If they don't, people have already told what will happen and they keep telling: "Bow out Government!" "Bow out Tayyip!"

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