June 10, 2013

Turkish Protests Grow In Size And Expand Despite Police Repression

On Sunday night/Monday morning protesters in Turkey supporting the on-going rebellion in Istanbul were attacked by police in various cities, with tensions especially evident and rising in and Ankara and Adana. We have covered the Ankara protests previously, but we have not mentioned Adana yet. 

In Ankara crowds of protesters again met police violence when they gathered at the city’s Kızılay Square. Police also attacked protesters at the capital’s Kuğulu Park this morning, dismantling the occupied zone.

Protesters in Adana also faced police repression when they attempted to march toward Akkapı district in order to join in solidarity with another group who had been attacked by supporters of the governing party the night before. Police denied permission to the group to march and called on the protesters to disperse. When the group refused, police attacked and disbanded the crowd.

Protests in Edirne and İzmir also deepened and gathered thousands in support of the movement, with over 2,000 protesters marching in Edirne and 10,000 in İzmir.

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