June 27, 2013

Why we are opposing the “immigration reform” bill‏

From No More Deaths:

On Monday, June 24, the Senate voted to move forward with an immigration-reform package that includes extreme border militarization tied to an already onerous pathway to citizenship.

Due to the devastating impacts that these provisions will have on border communities, future migrants, and the 4–5 million existing undocumented residents in the U.S. who will likely never qualify for this pathway, No More Deaths can no longer support this reform effort.

It is with a heavy heart that we urge our supporters and national groups to not turn their backs on border communities and to demand that Congress start over to implement real solutions to our misguided border and immigration policies.

We invite you to learn more about why No More Deaths has had to take this position, and to read the joint statement from numerous Arizona groups that No More Deaths released on Monday.

We ask you to join us in opposing this reform package so long as the extreme border-militarization agenda is included.

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