July 28, 2013

Restructuring By Gender: NWLC Finds 60% Of Job Gains For Women Are Low Wage

The National Women's Law Center (NWLC) found that under the recent "Recovery"[sic] 60 percent of women's job gains are in low-wage occupations.  For men the figure is 20 percent.

The economy is adding jobs but it is bad news for women.  Where six out of ten jobs are low wage they are impossible for a woman to support herself much less a family, according to Jean Entmacher who is Vice President for Family and Economic Security for NWLC.  She looked at 2009-2012.

She also looked at the largest low paid occupations and the percentage of women in those jobs for the same period:  Childcare (94%); Maids, Housekeepers (88%); Home Health Aides (88%); Personal Care Aides (89%); Cashiers (72%); Waiters, Waitresses (71%); Food Preparers, Servers (65%); Bartenders (60%); Hand Packers and Packagers (53%).

In the same time period there have been brutal cuts to public services that have cost women hundreds of thousands of better paying jobs.  And of course there have been ramped up attacks on unions and unionized workers and these have only increased since 2012. In Oregon there will be an initiative on the ballot in 2014 which will be an attack on our predominately female and unionized work force in the public sector. This is another attack on women which is occurring nationwide. We must organize a coordinated fightback around every attack on our bodies, our rights and our livelihood.

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